Who We Are

The Art Of Being A Lady

A GIRL, A WOMAN, A LADY. They’re all different. A girl grows to be a woman. But like gold, a lady is refined. This form of art is what makes a lady special. Therefore, we want to take part in creating women into ladies. Be a part of a woman’s transformation into a lady with Mississippi.

While knowledge gives you power, good character will give you respect. Smart, Confident, and Straightforward. Her confidence reflects in her communication styles. She is confident with herself. She expresses words straight forward but in an expressive way. She talks in a well-mannered way yet also retaining her smart appearance.

We have our own taste in beauty and fashion. Our brand makes the lady stand out and gorgeous. A lady knows what she wants and never chooses something in between. That’s where Mississippi steps in to provide you ladies out there with elegant, gorgeous and high quality fashion apparel.

Our Collections

Our collections are reflected through our attention to detail in the way we choose our raw materials, the process of sewing , and quality and service we try to build onto our customers which goes hand in hand with Mississippi’s tagline “Refining You”.

Unique and Feminine

Our collections dress a unique and feminine ladylike. The pieces showcase a timeless style while keeping in mind fashion aesthetics and trends.

Trends and comfort

From traditional tailoring to the most informal pieces. Our Mississippi collections feature the latest trends with the maximum comfort.

From our store, to your everyday wear

The culture and lifestyle of modern day living inspires Mississippi to provide ladies out there a line of women’s clothing essentials in which natural textures, calm colours and sustainable materials are the main focus of our brand.

Social Responsibility

When fashion and sustainability share the same goals. At Mississippi we are making steps in constructing a solid structure and vision of our corporate social responsibility, which has resulted in a commitment to sustainable development.

This commitment extends throughout our value chain and our areas of influence and takes the form of a responsible management model based on seeking the creation of shared value with our stakeholder groups.

We want transparency to be the basis of our relationship with our customers, which is why we are explaining our principal goals and actions here. Transparency, ethical management and good practices must be the basis of our activities. All Mississippi employees are committed to maintaining and displaying an ethical conduct.